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"The thread that links my work is in capturing that transitional period in people’s lives. I’m drawn to writing about loss, to characters that have fallen and who feel powerless in their lives. I am fascinated and inspired by the human spirit, by the fact that no matter how hopeless we feel and how dark life can be, we do have the courage, strength and bravery to push through our challenging moments. We are the greatest warriors in our own stories. I like to catch my characters as they fall, and bring them from low to high. My characters push through and as a result evolve, become stronger and better equipped for the next challenge that life brings. I like to mix dark with light, sadness with humour, always keeping a balance, and always bringing the story to a place of hope.”

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Highlights & Awards

Irish Book Awards

Corine Prize for Fur Immer Viellecht (Where Rainbows End/Love, Rosie) - 2005

Irish Post Award for Literature - 2005

Cosmopolitan US Fun Fearless Fiction Award (If You Could See Me Now) - 2007

Glamour UK Writer of the Year Award 2007

Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Award for Popular Book of the Year (The Year I Met You) - 2014

Irish Tatler Woman of the Year Awards Writer of the Year - 2009 & 2016

Redbridge Teenage Book Award (Flawed) -  2017

Irish Tatler Magazine

Cecelia has been awarded the Irish Tatler Woman of the Year Award for Literature twice throughout her career and has featured on the cover of the Irish publication several times.

“Ahern’s imagination, creativity and mastery of original storytelling continues to delight her readers, even in a new challenging genre” Jessica O Sullivan, Deputy Editor, Irish Tatler

PS I Love You

“The story of PS I Love You came into my mind and would not go away. I was personally going through a difficult time. I was feeling very sad and lost and I think I put all of those emotions into Holly’s character and journey so while she wasn’t me and it wasn’t my experience, I think we were kind of going on the same journey together. By the end of it she’d found hope and a happy place and by the end of it I’d found this new career. Life completely and utterly changed for me because of PS I Love You.”

Cecelia's Blog

Photo Diary: Göttingen Literature Festival

Take a look at some of the highlights from Cecelia's recent events in Germany at the opening night of the Göttingen Literature Festival and Frankfurt Bookfair.

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Photo Diary: Harbour Front Festival

Take a look at some of the highlights captured from Cecelia's recent event at the opening night of the Harbour Front Festival in the belly of museum ship, Cap San Diego.

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Photo Diary: Receiving the “Prix des Lectrices” award for “One Hundred Names”

Take a look at some of the highlights captured from Cecelia receiving the “Prix des Lectrices” award.

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Photo Diary: Launching Lyrebird “Lantmadár” in Hungary

Take a look at some of the highlights from Cecelia's recent book tour in Hungary promoting Lyrebird.

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