Photo Diary: Launching Lyrebird “Lantmadár” in Hungary

This June Cecelia ventured to Hungary for the Budapest Book Festival, to launch Lyrebird “Lantmadár” as well as paying a visit to the Irish Embassy in Budapest to meet the Embassy Book Club. Take a look at some of the highlights captured in the photo diary that Cecelia kept during her trip.

‍Poster for the launch of Lyrebird “Lantmadár” in Budapest
‍Showing off the new cover
‍Close up of the cover for Lyrebird “Lantmadár”
‍Meeting Ambassador Pat Kelly at the Irish Embassy in Budapest
‍With the Embassy Book Club talking about their last read “How to Fall in Love”
‍Selfie! Incredible turnout in Vorosmarty Square
‍More Budapest memories… Photo credit Szilárd Vörös and Máté Bach

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