Famous Literary Quotes To Help You Nail Your New Year's Resolutions

Everyone's approach to New Year's resolutions is different. Whether going down the route of implementing a healthier lifestyle, deciding to learn a new language or committing to reading a certain amount of books each month, chances are you're planning to kick 2018 off on a positive note. 

To help you get started and to encourage you to see your new goals all the way through 2018, we've compiled a few tips and tricks from the greats in the literary world. 


1. Write Them Down

Write all of your new plans down on paper. Keep them in a safe but visible place to ensure you're reminded daily of your goals. Try sticking them on the front of your diary, your fridge door or on the home screen of your phone. 

2. Review Regularly

Goals and resolutions can seem overwhelming and when it's something you're working on daily, it can be hard to appreciate the progress you've made. Every three to six months take a step back and evaluate how far you've come. You'll be surprised and reassured when you realise the hard work has been paying off. It will help to prioritise goals and evaluate what does and doesn't work in accordance with your lifestyle. 

3. Have Fun

It's great to have goals but don't take life too seriously. The second your goal starts to feel like a chore, it's time to spice things up. Get creative with how you can make your resolutions more fun to achieve. Rope in a friend to try a new gym class with you. Invite a loved one over and try a new recipe together. Join a club and meet new people with similar goals to yours. Make your 2018 goals a source of fun and see how it affects your motivation to succeed. 

Happy New Year!

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