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Lose yourself in the magical world of No.1 bestselling author, Cecelia Ahern. Are you taking your life for granted?

Lucy Silchester is. She’s busied herself with other stuff: friends’ lives, work issues, her deteriorating car, that kind of thing. But she’s stuck in a rut – and deluding everyone. Only Lucy knows the real truth.

Time for a wake-up call – a meeting with life. And life turns out to be a kindly, rather run-down man in an old suit, who is determined to bring about change – and won’t let Lucy off the hook.

Sometimes we all need to make time for our life…

Inspiration For This Book

This was the first book I wrote after having my first child. After taking time away  from novel writing for maternity leave, I felt that I had come face to face with my life and made some changes and adjustments for the better. In this novel my character literally comes face to face with her life, is forced to confront Him and no longer ignore the issues which are building up and affecting her growth and happiness.

Often we will put everybody and everything else first before ourselves. This is a love story about a woman who is confronted by her needy life, forced to have a relationship with him, and learns to fall back in love with her life again.


One of her best… Funny, touching, with an insightful message at its heart.
— Daily Express

A wonderfully enchanting, tender and beautifully penned tale.
— Candis Magazine

Warm and thought-provo.
— Good Housekeeping

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