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A compelling and perceptive tale of intimacy, memory and relationships from the No.1 bestselling author.

How can you know someone you’ve never met?

Joyce Conway remembers things she shouldn't. She knows about tiny cobbled streets in Paris, which she has never visited. And every night she dreams about an unknown little girl with blonde hair.

Justin Hitchcock is divorced, lonely and restless. He arrives in Dublin to give a lecture on art and meets an attractive doctor, who persuades him to donate blood. It's the first thing to come straight from his heart in a long time.

When Joyce leaves hospital after a terrible accident, with her life and her marriage in pieces, she moves back in with her elderly father. All the while, a strong sense of déjà vu is overwhelming her and she can't figure out why…

Inspiration For This Book

Our heart keeps us alive, it is the core of us in so many ways, and I wanted to play with the idea that we donate something from the very core of ourselves, to others. How much of who we are travels from our heart, through our blood and directly into the hearts of others? This intimate act of donation immediately felt like a love story to me. Justin and Joyce’s connection is literally from their hearts.


Brilliantly vivid characters and a story to fall in love with: one of our favourite Cecelia Ahern novels yet
— Heat

The legendary Ahern will keep you guessing what binds these stories. A classic.
— Company

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