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Tender, magical and captivating – a story of family, friends, and the unlikeliest of romances from the No. 1 bestselling author, Cecelia Ahern.

What if love was right there in front of you – you just couldn’t see it?

Elizabeth Egan is too busy for friends. As a reluctant mother to her sister Saoirse’s young son Luke and with her own business to run, every precious moment is made to count.

But with Saoirse crashing in and out of their lives, leaving both her sister and her son reeling, Luke and Elizabeth are desperately in need of some magic.

Enter Ivan. Wild, spontaneous and always looking for adventure, in no time at all Ivan has changed Elizabeth in ways she could never have imagined. But is Ivan too good to be true? Has Elizabeth opened her heart only to risk it being broken again?

Inspiration For This Book

My third book 'If You Could See Me Now' was published in 2005 and it's about two lost souls Ivan and Elizabeth who feel invisible, but when they meet, they feel seen. You know, when someone REALLY sees you.

Growing up we were surrounded by barley fields and the dandelion seeds which we called Jinny Joes used to fill the sky. I always thought they were magical so I brought them to Ivan and Elizabeth to help them out.

I'm keeping one safe...

Weird fact: when I was writing this novel a Jimmy Joe floated in my window and landed on my desk.


— Irish Independent

A beautifully written love story.
— Closer

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