12 Quotes About Writing To Save For A Rainy Day

12 Quotes About Writing To Save For A Rainy Day


No longer are the chances of having your writing seen and published limited to blind pitches and letters. Obviously this is still an important part of being a writer but thanks to the digital frenzy we find ourselves in, other platforms are available to make your work visible. The platforms make our work instantly available to those who want it and allow us to publish thoughts and ideas right there in the moment. 

However, this approach will only take you so far in your writing career. It's important we don't underestimate the long, hard journey behind the craft of writing and the power that words hold when handed to the right people. Life as an author takes patience and perseverance. Writing is an art that must be nurtured and given time to grow and develop. Creatives must dedicate time to studying and understanding their craft. 

Fortunately for us, writers from years gone by have always been one step ahead of the game, taking time between writing novels, short stories and poetry to document their own struggles and triumphs within the process, teaching us not to make the same mistakes they did within their writing career. 

So next time you find yourself caught up in a moment of frustration or drowning in the depths of a creative block, sit yourself down with a cup of tea and read through these little nuggets of wisdom offered to us by some of the greatest authors. 

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