Love Letters From The Literary Greats To Inspire You This Valentine's Day

Like it or loathe it, Valentine's Day brings all of the love birds out of the woodwork. It also brings love related content wherever you turn. We could give you a loved up gift guide, we could talk about relationships or we could take it back to where our true love lies, the literary world and the love lives of the icons within it.

You may think that you know their writing inside and out having read, studied and devoured their work cover to cover. But how did they write to their lovers? Did their writing change behind closed doors when they bared their true feelings? 

While the 21st century may allow us to hide behind mysterious Instagram captions, subtle Snapchat streaks and persistent Facebook tags, the literary greats kept their love alive with thoughtful and sometimes heart-wrenching, handwritten love letters - regardless of whether or not that love was reciprocated. 

Here are some of the best lines taken from love letters by famous authors:

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