15 Gift Ideas For The Bookworm In Your Life

The obvious gift for a bookworm is to sneak a peek at their book wishlist and contribute to their (probably already overflowing) book case. If like us you take pride in getting creative with your gifts, why stop at a new book?

We’ve rounded up 15 gift ideas for the bookworm in your life this Christmas including a few of Cecelia’s book recommendations from 2017.


‍Just as with books, a book lover can never have too many bookmarks in their life. If they’re forever losing their place in a book or worse, end up resorting to folded down corners to mark their page, then a glam new bookmark is exactly what they need this Christmas.


‍ ‍If their home library always seems to over and taking over their home, some stylish organisational tools may do just the trick this Christmas.spilling


‍ ‍Because what’s a good book without a hot cup of tea to keep you company?

Enamel Pins

‍Let their accessories do the talking with on trend enamel pins.

Framed Quotes

‍ ‍If they have a favourite quote from their favourite book why not surprise them with a framed version complete with beautiful illustrations?

The Gift

When Lou invites Gabe, a homeless man who sits outside his office, into the building and his life, Lou’s world changed beyond all measure… You’ll love this enchanting story by Cecelia Ahern and it’s beautiful new cover.

Fridge Magnets

‍ ‍Offering inspirational quotes from history’s greatest writers, these magnets keep important daily reminders in sight at all times.

Foldable Reading Lamp

‍ ‍One of the most clever gifts a book lover could ever receive, this reading lamp is portable, rechargeable via a USB cable and easily doubles as a camping light. Best of all, when not in use it can be folded up and placed back on the shelf with the rest of the books.

PagePal Page Holder

‍ ‍This contraption makes reading with one hand so much simpler. The simple and stylish design helps to keep pages of a book wide open while reading. They’ll quickly wonder how they ever survived without it.

Blanket and Throws

‍ ‍Contribute to keeping their reading nook as cosy as possible with a blanket or throw that they can curl up with while reading.

Personalised Necklace

‍ ‍Let’s be honest who doesn’t love getting jewellery as a gift and with a personalised touch like this one, it’s sure to be a hit with the book lover in your life.

Personal Library Kit

‍ ‍Let’s be honest who doesn’t love getting jewellery as a gift and with a personalised touch like this one, it’s sure to be a hit with the book lover in your life.

Cecelia's Book Recommendations

‍ ‍Moonrise By Sarah Crossan

“The first book I read by Sarah Crossan was “One” just last year, and it quickly became one of my favourite novels. She is an incredibly talented writer who writes in verse. If you haven't read it, add it to your list.”

‍ ‍Good Me, Bad Me By Ali Land

“If you’re looking for fresh, original, unique psychological suspense, I highly recommend "Good Me, Bad Me”

‍ ‍A Perfect Crime By A Yi

“This novel is in a category of it’s own (the best kind of story) so I’m not going to pigeon hole it, but it’s a story about crime told from the perspective of a murderer and I think it’s excellent.”

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