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When you discover something precious, should you hold it close or share it with the world? Following the death of her father, Laura Button’s hidden life in remote West Cork is revealed. Encountering her by accident, deep in the woods, Solomon Fallon feels an instant connection. Laura, nicknamed Lyrebird for her gift with sound, has a talent that offers her a passport into the world. Through Solomon, she seeks a new life. But Solomon’s fear is that the world won’t set Lyrebird free. Instead, it will put her in a cage… The story that unfolds is one of a quite extraordinary love.

Inspiration For This Book

I was inspired by a David Attenborough documentary on Lyrebirds. These fascinating ground-dwelling birds that have the ability to mimic every sound around them. I wanted to create a character, a young woman, who had this ability and question why they would have this skill and how would society treat them? Laura can hear the sounds that society often drowns out. The most exciting challenge for me was to build a character from the personality traits of a bird and so as a result she’s a shy, elusive, foraging, forest performer, in touch with nature, lives in isolation in an area of great beauty and who, through her quirky and unique performances, attracts her soul mate.



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